Meditation is a practice that can be very confusing to most people. It brings to mind the image of a Yogi sitting in the Lotus position with a beatific expression on their face.
The main purpose of meditation is to still the mind, to allow the center of your energy to recycle itself, and to become more in touch with your heart which is the core of your essence as an individual. Through the regular practice of meditation, each person can develop a new exuberance for life and for all the beautiful treasures that are within the easy grasp of your hand.
There are many methods of meditation; some forms suggest using Mantras (chanting), Mandalas (concentrating on a visual object), breathing techniques and countless other tools in order to enable the mind to release thoughts. As there are many different kinds of people in the world, so there are many different kinds of meditation, and it's beneficial to try each one until you find the one that works for you.
In order to have successful meditation one should have very clean environment. The environment should be very clean and calm without disturbance. Such place is very rare in modern world because of rapid growth of population and fast development of the nations.
If you want to experience the meditation from professional teacher here in Bhutan then the Bhutan Life Exposure Tours and Trek can help you to bring your dream true.
假如您想在不丹师从上师学习和体验冥想灵修,我们Bhutan Life Exposure 可以帮助您梦想成真。


We have many Rinpoches (Lama) who are specilised in mediation and excellent knowledge in Buddhism. One becomes Rinpoche after long process like 10 years study of Buddhism with excellent performance in all 10 different examinations. After that he has to go for 3 years, 3 month, 3 weeks and 3 days meditation. During this period he has to remain totally isolated even from his relatives till the completion. Then after successful completion of meditation again have to receive further teachings from highly learned Rinpoches. If those high Rinpches get Satisfaction from him then he will appointed as teacher in Buddhist monastery institution. There he has to serve as teacher more than 10 years and during his tenure, if he has very good record then he will get title as Rinpoche.
我们有不少精于冥想灵修和佛学领域的上师喇嘛。一个上师必须有至少十年的佛法的研习,并在十次不同的考试有优异的表现。而且之后他需要闭关三年三月三周零三天。闭关期间远离人群,甚至家人直到闭关结束。 只有完成这些,并得到更伟大上师的认可,方可以教授佛法。在教授佛法十年后,并得到良好口碑,方才又可能得到上师的称号。
So If you are interested, I have arranger one Rimpoche for the interview. If you have any question about Buddhism then I should say he is the right person to answer your question.
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